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Can I use my existing studio phone number?

If you’re signing up for AXLE Talk, almost everyone is able to use their phone number for calls and text messages in our system. The process to port a number can take 2-4 weeks. There will not be any downtime of your phone service during the port process.

On top of effortless integration, a big advantage of using our phone system is that our CRM will log all incoming/outgoing calls as well as all the incoming/outgoing text messages.

Fill Out Letter of Authorization (LOA)

To get started, you will need to submit a signed letter of authorization. Download a PDF of the form here.

Please fill it out with all the information that is on file with your phone provider. The business name/address must match your Directory Listing.

PDF of Latest Phone Bill

To verify ownership, you will need to either scan or download a PDF of your latest bill that shows your phone number on the account. It is crucial that this phone bill be no older than days.

Record a Voicemail Greeting

We will need you to email a voicemail greeting to our Help Desk with the completed forms.

To do this, record your cell phone. For iPhone users, use the Voice Memo app. Once you’ve recorded it, you can email it to yourself. From there, access your email on a computer and save the voice clip. This can then be added to an email as a link.

Submit Forms / Voicemail Files to the Help Desk

Email the LOA form, phone bill PDF, and your voicemail audio file to support@youraxle.zendesk.com Once sent, we will confirm receipt.

Assuming all information matches what’s on your account, confirmation of the port scheduling date will be provided within 2 weeks.

Will my phone service be interrupted?

No, your phone service will not be interrupted. However, if you are using a third-party company for sending texts prior to porting, it could take 24-72 hours for the texting functionality to port. Phone calls will never be interrupted.

What should I expect on the day that the number ports to AXLE?

The ports usually take place between 10 am – 1 pm Central. We prepare in advance to make sure there is no disruption.

  • If you have purchased a new VoIP phone specifically for AXLE, we will set your phone up in advance of the port day. When the port is completed, it’ll be a simple as the new phone beginning to ring, while you previous phone does not.
  • If you have an existing VoIP phone with your previous provider, we will want to set the phone up after the port is complete. In this case, we will set the line to forward to a contact at your businesses’ cell phone. When the cell phone rings, we know the port is complete. After this, we will remote into a computer at your studio location and set the phone up for use.
  • If you are not using a VoIP phone and will be routing phone calls to your cell phone or an employee’s phone, we will get all the settings finalized before the port day so there is no disruption.
Updated on August 31, 2021

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